Goodness gracious me!

There I was innocently performing my sparkling duties as a house fairy upstairs in my client's home when I happened to glance up briefly to be met with that glorious sight of a rather prominent builder's bottom on full display courtesy of the roofer working opposite. Now I don't have an issue with people going commando, letting it all hang out or whatever the current lingo is for overexposed flesh is on a cold February day. My only gripe is that ladies and gentlemen I don't really feel the need for you to share it with me- short of dusting with my eyes shut [not a technique that would be particularly popular with my clients I feel] it was right in my eye line and kind of difficult to ignore. May I politely suggest with a good dash of bare faced cheek if you trews are only held in place by the full circumference of your rump perhaps a new pair in a different size is required. Shew me your posterior again and I shall be forced to knit you a string vest and matching y fronts because I don't want you getting poorly from your over exposed goose have been warned.

I know it's cheeky but I hope Mr Hislop looks kindly upon my admiration of an appropriate Private Eye image by Ken Pyne which sums up this vision of loveliness that we are all forced to endure once in a while!



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