Monday 3 February 2014


Bless you! Several chums of mine have had coughs and colds these last few days but fear not....

Today is the feast of St Blaise at St Etheldreda's Church, London. He is the patron saint of those suffering with throat problems. Sufferers throats are blessed when touched by two white candles bound together. If it's a cough or a cold you've got then St Quentin is your man!

Allow me to offer a few home remedies- I am unable to vouch for their efficacy as I haven't actually tried them as yet...

For congestion try rubbing goose fat on your chest or for a chesty cough cut a piece of brown paper into a heart shape, warm it and rub with tallow which you then lay on your chest [the heart shape makes all the difference]. If that doesn't appeal how about a cup of Many Weed Tea? Delicious made from cow manure. No not that one either? My, my you are a fussy lot! Looks like it'll have to be the syrup of snails that My Dictionary of Sussex Folk Medicine suggests then! Eat your heart out Heston Blumenthal!!

This one I hope is more to your liking- I have tried this one and it is one devised by a my dear chum A. A big tick from me as it tastes good as well!

Teddy Tonic

227g runny honey
ginger root
1 lemon

Boil a litre of water. Place a tbsp of grated fresh ginger into a bowl and add 3/4 jar of honey with lemon juice. Add water to this mix and sugar to taste if needed. Stir until sugar has dissolved. Leave to stand for a couple of mins then strain. Either drink straight away or reheat later.


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