Weather watching.

As is often said, the Brits find the topic of weather to be endlessly fascinating. Sadly this is all too apparent at the present time for those poor souls suffering from the current floods. What is always certain is that whatever the weather is doing it probably won't be doing the right thing if it has the temerity to do it for more than three days! Many of us like a moan that it's too hot, too cold, too windy, too wet and so forth. It truly is a national obsession and one that we all can relate to! As a general rule I enjoy the way our weather is always changing although that statement goes out of the window if it's not dry and I am meant to be dancing out fickle creature that I am.  My personal penchant for the weather has developed into an affection for weather vanes even though there are not nearly enough of them in my humble opinion. My own lack of one was remedied at Christmas by the purchase of the one below- even if it is in twelfth scale and sits upon the roof of my dollshouse!

The others are a few I have spotted over the last year or so. If I see more I share gladly share them you lucky, lucky people!



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