Friday 2 October 2015

No Sloe Woes

Well what's a gal to do when she has an unopened bottle of gin...why one goes foraging of course. A favourite free past time of those with a naturally gnat bottomed disposition so now one has the makings of sloe gin.

I only make this every few years as we don't get through it all that fast but this year we are due a top up. I shall be using the recipe from here There is no need to prick the skins- if you freeze them the berries break down of their own accord and you can process them at your leisure.

Being a lover of all things left over and inspired by the champagne jelly recently made on The Great British Bake Off I believed this week that I had come up with an original idea for making sloe gin jelly. My trusted friend Google sadly informed me that some varmit had got there first but I am inspired to try it out so that's been added to the ever ending list. This recipe looks just the ticket

Finally there's no need to sling the gin infused berries when they've done their job- they can be utilised further to make slider

Well best get on with doing some of these things rather than just talking about them!


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