What Mr GBT Did Next.

It must be Autumn for the dollshouse show season is upon us once more. This entails us being away a couple of times a year aswell as a couple of days spent working in London and at one or two other venues. It is tiring but necessary for this is where we conduct the majority of our business and now our son is older, things are much easier as we can leave him home alone rather than asking my parents to step in which they very kindly did on many occasions. We have been away this past weekend and I am pleased to report that we have had another successful show. In the role of bossy wife/ Artistic Director [chuckle] this is the latest piece that he has made me for my dollshouse- how lucky am I!!

I wouldn't be doing my job properly if I let him rest on his laurels now would I- I chose what I would like next several months ago when I saw a full size version. Initially he threw his hands up in horror and said he wouldn't be able to make it but as ever, he's now up for the challenge and has started the preliminary drawings. This is a long drawn out process but I promise I will do the big reveal once it's made.



  1. Ahah! that's very interesting - I have always wanted a dolls house. My daughter had a Scandinavian pine dollshouse, but she converted it into a hamster house, like you do.

  2. My dollshouse brings me great pleasure!


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