Tuesday 27 October 2015

Reinventing the Wheel

Now I like brandy and I like butter but not together. I am similarly peculiar about Christmas pud...once again I am fond of all the components separately yet not all combined into one. I have pondered this and still am unable to fathom why. For this reason we always have an alternative come the big day.

Having strained the Christmas Pudding vodka yesterday [and yes it tastes delicious] I thought it a shame to waste all that lovely fruit which has been soaking away for the last week and when housesparkling I hit upon the idea of somehow reusing them in an icecream. I wish I was one of these imaginative people who could just open their fridge door, view their leftovers and produce gorgeous food there and then. Sadly I am definitely not in this camp so it always requires forethought and planning with me. Yesterday I whipped up a pot of cream and then stirred in the said fruit, checking first that all little dastardly cloves and bits of cinnamon stick had been removed- no one wants to lose a filling when they inadvertently gnaw on a twig do they now! Originally I had intended to stir in some sifted icing sugar to add a little more sweetness but I swapped that for the leftover custard I found lurking in the big white box. It's now safely frozen and here's hoping that I have managed to create my own version of a Christmas pudding icecream!

Whilst on a roll I've also got my act together and made the sloe gin. Intent on finding a use for all those lovely sloes once they've done their duty I now hear wicked rumours that you can make sloe sherry with the little blighters. This recipe is calling me http://www.cottagesmallholder.com/sloe-sherry-recipe-104/



  1. All sounds good! I usually make slow gin but it's one of the things that fell by the wayside this year. x

  2. There's always time to make flavoured spirits with other goodies throughout the year!


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