Thursday 1 October 2015

Old Timer Forty Niner

Yes it has come round to that time of year again- another birthday down and here I am now in my 50th year. Spoilt moi? Erm yes just a tad. I am one very lucky lady.

I had a marvellous day trip out with dear chum E...two pairs of eagle eyed spotters means a double dose of quirkiness [post to follow] and meal out at a local restaurant with my family. Perfick.

Books always feature heavily in any celebration gift wise- more tomes for me to delight in. Some concentrating on the gnat bottomed side of my life [second hand copies as requested] and the other on my Druid self [along with another Damh the Bard CD to add to my collection of one!]

My son knows that I am a mad old bat who is to be found idly chatting to Humphrey the resident mog at frequent points during the day. The more worrying aspect is that I then reply on his behalf....and yes the teenager must surely be hoping by now that maybe he's missed out on my "unusual" genes. It would appear not though as he's bought me my own talking cat and yes, it enunciates swear words beautifully if you say them clearly enough within his vicinity. I know, I have of course tried out some good examples from my extensive Anglo Saxon repertoire!

Then there's this gorgeous print by a local artist called John Wakefield. More of his artwork can be enjoyed here I found the lovely wooden carved frame for it today for 100 pennies in the CS just up the road.

Forgive me whilst I make myself scarce for there is birthday cake to be tidied away you know!



  1. Happy birthday. Welcome to the 50 club. Love the print lucky girl xx

  2. Happy Birthday Aril. Sending best wishes for a happy and healthy year.

  3. Happy Birthday! Your son should feel lucky to have your genes.

  4. Thank you for all your kind wishes.


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