Wednesday 7 September 2016

The Alchemy of Metalwork

My friend Arty L passed over some information leaflets she'd collected for me from a recent exhibition she'd attended. She thought I might be interested in the work of the Mallon Foundry and the Celtic Tales. She was right on both counts and if money were no object, I would happily give houseroom to all of their pieces. The artwork greatly appeals to me and puts me in mind of some of the pieces I have seen at the British Museum.

If you'd like a gander here's the link



  1. Thanks for your kind comments, and thanks Arty L for passing on our cards. We love that you saw a fit with the celtic art in the British Museum. Drop me a line at if you can make it to one of our upcoming exhibitions - we'll send you a couple of tickets.
    See here for dates


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