Monday 26 September 2016

Better Late Than Never.

Last week I discovered a scribbled list of jobs to do for January. The first one said "finish mask". Naturally I ignored my planned timescale and finally finished it this week. I didn't much enjoy making the first one and this one proved just as much of a challenge [I am no artist believe you me], so I am frankly just relieved to have got the thing done at last. I won't be making another one [she says hopefully keeping everything crossed!] but am looking forwards to dancing out in it for the first time. All the fabric has been recycled from jumble sale finds.



  1. Excellent. There's things on my to-do list that have been there since before January.xx

  2. Some things need time to come to fruition. ..! I still have ignored lists from months ago that haunt me, they make good fire starters ☺

    1. Excellent idea...all those lists will be just the ticket for my new fire pit!


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