Monday 19 September 2016

I'm late, I'm late.

The teenogre casually mentioned in passing that there was "a weird clock with figures that you'll like in Belfast" a few weeks ago and then showed me the link on his phone. A little further investigation showed it to be the Alice Clock. Well once I knew it was there how could I resist...he knows his Aged Parent's taste too well!

The clock was put up in 2000 and is the only automata clock in Northern Ireland. It has religious figures every three hours and the Wonderland ones on the other two. They whip round fairly speedily and the White Rabbit was the only one which eluded Mr GBT.

As for the teenogre....definitely not his thing, but he was quite happy to chill for a moment having being left to his own devices earlier in one of the shopping centres and bought some new threads. He has not inherited his Mother's slightly off beam genes !!


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