Monday 12 September 2016


Findon in West Sussex has held a fair charter since 1261. The sheep fair is held every year and really is only just up the road yet I'd never heard of it. Mythago opens all sorts of doors for me and this was the chance to dip my toe into a world of which I know nothing.

Heavy rain was forecast and the side was gloomy about the prospects of being able to do any dancing, but I'm pleased to say that the wet stuff held off until later, so we were able to complete one stand and there was a sufficient gap to take in some of the sights before it hammered down.

The fair fulfils its promise. There are 32 varieties of sheep....judging, sheep dog trials and demos of shearing. Fleeces for sale and spinning. Some of the rams are soppy date had his head stretched out on the owner's lap, whilst she stroked him like a pet pooch!

However, there is much to tickle the tastebuds and amuse the senses beyond the ovine attractions. As I wasn't driving, I thought it would be rude not to sample one of the local brews. The "we wun't be druv" is a reference to the local proverb "Sussex won't be druv" meaning we're an obstinate lot in this county!

Facilities. If you've got to make use of a portaloo this is as good as any.

As ever, the beautiful birds of prey.

And for me a quick turn on the's been years since I've been on one and I thoroughly enjoyed my little trip down memory lane.


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