Thursday 22 September 2016


If I have ever been on trend it has only been as the result of a happy accident. This leaves me at times without a clue what people are talking about and when I first encountered the acronym G.O.T I had to google it! However, even I, in my little bubble, can't have failed to have heard of Game of Thrones, although I haven't watched it. What I can say now is that I have officially visited one of the sites which features in the programme [only for about 40 seconds granted]....not as part of the GOT tours I hasten to add, but because I knew of this natural beauty from other sources. This magical tunnel of beech trees is called the Dark Hedges and is magnificent.



  1. Not seen Game of Thrown either but sat on the throne at Rent Fest.

    1. Maybe one day I'll sit down and see what everyone's talking about!


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