Sunday 25 September 2016

Nee- Naw

"Nee-naw" was the sound my son made everytime he saw and heard one of these-

[copyright free image taken from]. He was big on watching "Fireman Sam" back in the day and always very enthusiastic if we passed the fire station.

Yesterday in the library I overheard a small boy asking his Mum if they could visit the fire station after they had finished choosing their books. When she pressed him further he patiently explained it was so that he could borrow one. The last thing I heard was her replying that as far as she was aware they didn't lend the engines out. A child's logic is second to none at times!



  1. I think that a fire engine lending library would be a very good idea. And one for diggers too! xx

    1. The concept made me smile. We could do with a much better sharing economy.



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