Friday 2 September 2016

Charity Shop Sales

Beyond the essentials, I rarely shop for either new or used. If I do then it's probably either going to be for something we don't already own and can't borrow or to replace things which have worn out. In these categories recent purchases have been a wheelbarrow, garden furniture [in the sale], a garden light and a bird feeding station. These are all part of the garden refurb and oh yes, thrillingly, an outlay of £1 for a new dustpan and brush. Woohoo!

I said "rarely" didn't I, but old habits die hard and sometimes things catch my eye and I indulge the inner material girl. It keeps her happy and she leaves me in peace then! These have crept over the threshold in the last few months and mighty pleased I am with my little treats too!

This French Connection skirt caught my eye on the sale rail of a CS I was walking past. Reduced to £2 its vibrant print is very me. It has been the only item of summer clothing I have bought except for a white tshirt to replace one I'd spilt coffee down. I've worn it several times. Achille's heel. Apart from the folk lore one the others will be passed on once I've read them.

Beautiful vintage fabrics. They were half price and the whole lot set me back the princely sum of £1.25. A vague idea is forming about incorporating them into a new blind for the bathroom. The decoration is made of ribbons.

And yes beyond bright colours, glorious mixes of fabrics and prints knitwear is my thing. I definitely don't need any more but that's never stopped me yet. This is my birthday present to me from me. If it's cool enough on the day I shall wear it then.


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