Tuesday 15 May 2018

Look Where You're Stepping!

Dearest St Margaret of Antioch

Please could I ask that you watch where you're putting your feet.....it seems that it may not have come to your attention, but you're squashing a dragon!

Yours sincerely

Arilx [a dragon lover]

It is a little peculiar what you see depicted in stained glass windows if you take the time to stop and stare. The story behind this is, following various punishments after she refused to marry, Margaret was swallowed by Satan disguised as a dragon, but was coughed up whole and unharmed. The Saint gives her name to the parish church of Warnham in West Sussex. We spent a pleasurable hour or so exploring the village on Sunday. More details tomorrow.



  1. Well he had eaten her so to speak! x

  2. As fellow dragonophile I too question why Mary is standing on the poor dragon!

  3. I love having a mooch about old churches and villages too, you can see so many interesting little things. Look forward to reading more. Jane xx

  4. realised that I called Margaret - Mary. Hey ho



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