Monday 28 May 2018

The "art" of photography.

"Photography is [a means by which we]...learn to see the ordinary."
David Bailey

We enjoyed a fabulous day of dance in Winchester last weekend. A programme of stands kept us busy and on the move, but with a few minutes to spare before the next one started, this combination of signs kept us naughty Mythago peeps amused as we came up with increasingly ridiculous and smutty ideas of how we could commit a nuisance in Hammond's Passage. For my own amusement and a with a personal liking for old signs I snapped the photo. As you well know I am no David Bailey, but had I not picked up my idiot proof press and point camera then I would never have spotted the ugly mug above it peering down at us. 

Nobody else had noticed it either until I pointed it out. Having my camera gives me a chance to spot extra things and details which would otherwise pass me by. Often I don't appreciate the extent of what I might have otherwise missed until I edit them. The decision to buy my own camera a few years ago was one of my best has brought me endless pleasure.


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  1. hahaha well spotted ... I love the extra things that are visible in photos.


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