Walls have ears.

Actually no this one doesn't. What it does have is several pairs of false teeth, a cannonball, a padlock, shoe lasts and yes that's the base of an iron you can see. Don't ask me....I have absolutely no idea either and an online search has left me none the wiser. It's to be found in the charming Sussex town of Arundel....I was meant to be going with W after I'd finished work, but due to family matters she had to pull out. I quite enjoy an outing on my tod sometimes...I behave quite differently when I'm alone and can please myself!

Here's the photographic evidence of this very different piece of brickwork. I should point out in all honesty that I already knew of its existence and had quite deliberately gone to seek it out. It certainly is a novel way of reusing all those old bits we've all got hanging around in our homes which we don't really know what to do with eh!



  1. I love this! I am a real wall geek and am always studying them while I am out. We are lucky enough to have a very old wall in our garden and I bore everyone to death telling them about it. Jane xx

    1. You and me both Jane. There's another one with something unexpected in it which I hope to get a photo of one day!


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