The Wrong Direction.

Chum E and I not only managed to get our wires completely crossed last week....they were that tangled we could have knitted a garment with them!! We knew we had made an arrangement to have a jolly and it was agreed that it involved sculptures. However, she thought we were going to Surrey and I thought we were going stay in West Sussex. That's the problem when you're both keen sticky many places so little time😊 No problemo....sorted. West Sussex sculptures next time....

This time we spent a gloriously sunny afternoon at the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden which is set within a beautiful woodland glade. The works of art are exhibited within this setting and there is something to suit a myriad of tastes. I enjoyed seeing E's reaction to the stained glass sculptures and her explanations of how the quality of light affects the medium so differently. Each piece is for sale, but being short of space and funds [they are unsurprisingly in the thousands] none came home with me!

Hope you enjoy the taster of what we saw.

Seats for weary souls

This head is shoulder height.

The pencils could be lifted out of the pot....rather like holding a colourful javelin!

As the wind catches the individual leaves they make different notes.

The slate ammonite puts me in mind of the type of work Andy Goldsworthy creates which I love.

To finish we both enjoying dinging all these bicycle you pinged one it created a ripple effect and kept two middle aged dames very amused!

Lovely afternoon.



  1. Top photo my favourite...mesmerising x

    1. On a sunny day they worked really well.

  2. I love the photos of your travels Aril.I have been enlarging these so that I can see the detail in them...I didnt realise that I could do this just by clicking on the pic!.Beautiful pieces.xx

    1. Thank you Debi. I don't go far, but enjoy exploring.


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