Friday 26 April 2019


[Image from Pixabay]

As His Plumpness gets on in years [we're talking Humphrey here] the need has arisen to switch his dry cat food over to something more becoming to his stage in life and one which will continue to contain his girth. Now choosing a new food would be one of the easier tasks life throws at me I wrong was I?!!

Firstly you need to be aware if they're a special breed apparently. I can vouch he is definitely not a Maine Coon so that was relatively straightforward. Any ongoing health problems eg far as I know he's currently fit as a flea. So that's another whole load of options knocked out. Age....kind of middle aged. They don't do one for that, but using common sense he's certainly not a kitten, but not a veteran either so am guessing one for about a seven year old should do the trick [he was a rescue so all we have to go on is educated guesswork]. Then it started to get he an active cat?....well depends on whether the wind's blowing, his mood, whether he's trying to get his tea early [that can be from 1.30pm onwards!] he an outdoors cat? .....well depends on the weather, whether he needs a comfort break [involving probably digging a hole in somebody else's garden to do his business whilst all the other cats are in ours doing exactly the same thing], if he fancies patrolling his borders, doing a spot of he an indoors cat? no because he goes out, but not very often so he's kind of a mid way house on that particular he greedy and does he beg?.....he's not as greedy as he'd like to be, but generally he doesn't beg. At this point in time my poor brain was so tied up in knots and I had lost the will so I passed the task over to Mr GBT to suss out.....he left it to the next day and opted for the same product as me. Phew!

We're off to catch up with TYM amongst other things for a few days before he heads off to Uganda for a two month voluntary project so see you all on the other side!



  1. We have 5 pampered cats here and in case some people wonder what you are talking about when you mention begging, our Polly is an expert. She will sit for ages just staring you out for food whereas Rupert's tactic is to dash about the house making a nuisance of himself until he gets fed. Willow on the other hand is constantly following us around mewing (drives us nuts, lol). Princess doesn't beg but keeps a careful ear and eye out for any movement of the others and Rowan more or less lives under the bed and isn't all that interested in food.
    But we love each and every one of them. The four (as I call them, kittens) are 11 years old next month and Mummy Polly is a guess, probably about 12 years old, she was a stray. There you have it, lol

  2. I wish you luck finding the right blend for your sir. Our pup has developed a fondness for some quick cook oats, no salt, milk etc. just the oats, on top of his regular dry food. Now he goes to the cupboard when ready to eat to let me know to prepare his oats.

  3. Humphrey will sort it, but what happens when you go away? Have a good trip if you are both going otherwise Humphrey will just have to be your best mate;)


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