Thursday 4 April 2019

Same old same old.

There's not been a lot to write about this past few weeks as I've been tied up with paid work and spending increasingly large amounts of my spare time dealing with the recycling schemes. Neither provide me with any blogging material, but keep me very busy. We have more new volunteers starting this month, so I have been training them too which is more evenings taken up. Thankfully I am scaling back and reducing what I do back to more manageable levels where I can keep a good work life/balance. I had to take a reality check and ask for more help....not easy when you pride yourself on working hard. However,it's simply not sustainable at this level long term and this has been my quiet time of year. It all starts to go bonkers soon with us being away a lot, so I would have struggled even more. After a period of heightened anxiety it feels like a load being lifted from my shoulders if I'm honest.

Our latest show last weekend was a good 'un and takings were about where we would expect. Not exceptional, but frankly with the maelstrom of events going on at the moment nationally I wasn't that confident of people buying. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that at times of stress or uncertainty people concentrate and spend on their hobbies to escape and do something over which they have control. That certainly seems to have been the case thankfully.

I didn't go wild and just bought the couple of pieces below, as I really want to finish repainting the outside of my house and then give the inside a proper clean. Hopefully that will remind me what I've got and I shall have a better understanding of where there are gaps. However, rest assured I did choose some items which will come as birthday and festive gifts later in the year! I have already arranged a date with my fellow miniaturing and dancing chum, Ice Badger, for next week so we can resume our small scale shenanigans. Am looking forwards to it already.


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