Wednesday 10 April 2019

Pig free blankets

I could see the fear in Mr GBT's eyes when I casually mentioned that I was planning to make Herby Halloumi in Blankets using this recipe I have an exceedingly short temper and a very bad track record when it comes to the rolling out of pastry of any sort, but he kindly gave me a helping hand and they were delicious.

My tweaks were using a block of puff pastry as it's much cheaper than the pre-rolled stuff and the halloumi was one with chilli running through it [same price as the plain]. I brushed vegetable oil on as I haven't got any olive oil in at the moment and omitted the sesame seeds as again none in stock [and this dame is too gnat bottomed to part with pennies for things which will live out their days in the back of the cupboard forgotten and unloved]. This did all three of us for supper with some leftover for lunches. Another small win on ye olde make, bake and create challenge.



  1. Its lovely when you can look in your cupboards and come up with something like this.They look very tasty!!.Like you,I also try and use up in creative way,what ever is already in the fridge n freezer.Ive got my food shopping down to lasting nearly 3 weeks now and Ive saved loads doing it this way.I am going to try your recipe above tomorrow because todays meals are already planned out,xx

    1. Both my meat eating two gave it the thumbs up. Hope you like it.


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