Tuesday 23 April 2019

Saving the dragon.

Tonight Mythago is performing its dragon story as part of an inaugural St George's day event in one of the local villages. Unlike the traditional tale of the dragon's demise at the hands of England's patron saint the dragon in our tale lives to see another day🐲

If we're talking dragons today I thought perhaps I'd share this rather endearing poem by Brian Patten that I came across recently.

Little Dragon

I've found a small dragon in the woodshed.
Think it must have come from deep inside a forest
because it's damp and green and leaves
are still reflecting in its eyes.

I fed it on many things, tried grass,
the roots of stars, hazel-nut and dandelion,
but it stared up at me as if to say, I need
foods you can't provide.

It made a nest among the coal,
not unlike a bird's but larger,
it is out place here
and is quite silent.

If you believed in it I would come
hurrying to your house to let you share my wonder,
but I want instead to see
if you yourself will pass this way.


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