As if by magic.

Somebody commented on social media about how they were returning to using a fountain pen and ink and it really stirred something deep inside me. Now I'm of an age where we were expected to write with ink pens at school. Granted not always ideal.....those inky fingers and smudging. For my poor left handed sister I know they were a nightmare, but I really did prefer writing with one despite the convenience of the Bic biro. Confiding in Mr GBT of my desire to have my own pen once again I returned from work to find this......

Bless him...Mr GBT had rummaged around in his man drawer and found his old Parker pen which he hasn't used since he was a teen. Bearing in mind he's now 60 I filled it with my newly purchased ink and it wrote first time. Quality! The intention is to use this along side more modern writing implements and as another small way of decreasing our reliance on single use plastics.

Anyway hope your weekend isn't a write off!



  1. I've got a Parker cartridge pen but the price of the refills is silly.
    My mum once had a drawer full of odd coloured plasticy ink pens - I think they were given away with soap powder?!

    1. I'm just using ink, not cartridges.

  2. I do not own a fountain pen at the moment but this post has stirred the desire to get on. I like a broad nib so that I can get the nice down strokes. Me thinks I may go out and buy one now.

  3. I love my fountain pen and when I learned that the empty plastic cartridges couldn't be recycled I picked up an adapter quite cheaply and can now use bottle ink with it. Always makes writing a pleasure rather than a chore. Enjoy your new-to-you pen


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