Thursday, 15 August 2019

Hotch potch.

High winds, threatened deluges and a bathroom to be painted.....naturally I was disciplined and picked up the paintbrush...did I heck.....I went out "gallivanting" with my chum E as she calls it. The bathroom got done the following day😇

We went out without a plan. E likes to go with the flow and see what turns up....lots as a matter of fact. This caught our eye as we were driving along the marvellously named Spithandle Lane. It's a back road in our district, but not one I know. She's driven along it many times, but this was new to her too, so she turned round so we could take a closer look.

This fountain marks Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, but it seems to have either been built from or repaired using a marvellous muddle of different bits of masonry with its lopsided Horsham stone cap. It sits quietly on the roadside and I have discovered that it's sited upon a natural spring. Rather unimaginatively it's called the Lion's Mouth Fountain

More tales to follow in due course....I must get back to wielding that dratted paintbrush!


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