Tuesday 27 August 2019

Following the wildlife trail.

2019 is the "year of culture" in the Horsham District, so there's been a plethora of events and unveiling of new projects. The sound of a new wildlife trail in Pulborough particularly appealed so I invited Ice Badger along to give it a whirl.

The walk is linear with waymarkers each marked with information about a specific animal or bird. The only thing I would say is you need a decent phone because all the info is on a free app you need to download and it's very power hungry. It wouldn't have been possible if we'd had to rely on my stone age mobile!

That said it's a mine of wonderful information....like dragonfly nymphs breathe through their bottoms and you get the beautiful views across the RSPB wild brooks. That's the river Adur which goes down to Chichester.

To be frank we didn't spend a lot of our time wild life watching per se [there was important things to do like Gossiping and Eating Cake!], but we did spot a few bits in passing. Tansy [featured last week] was a new flower along with this Gipsywort.

This sculpture is by a local chap called Jon Edgar. It's called Trisantonis meaning The Trespassor and records the Roman invasion of the area [there are various remains nearby and the whole village runs along a Roman road called Stane Street]. The female figure represents a river goddess. Since seeing an all rounder sculpture in Christchurch I've found I'm rather partial to these ones which have different details running all round the sides.

The last few images are things that I enjoyed en route. After I got home I discovered that the chap with the glasses was commissioned by his widow who was the erstwhile owner of the house. They were not connected to the now defunct Allfrey Builders company.



  1. You always find so many interesting things on your walks. Lovely photos

    1. Thank you Sue. I just enjoy sharing what catches my eye.


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