Thursday, 1 August 2019

Cat Trap

Yes you read that blog post quite correctly. Mr GBT has been making a cat trap. Before you all take up your quills and start telling me off [as if you would you lovely peoples!] there's nowt nefarious going on here.

When we had Psychocat we could only ever open our windows a fraction as she liked to window sill walk. This would not have been a problem if it had not been on the outside. With a gammy back leg, her balance was sometimes lacking and I didn't fancy her chances had she fallen from upstairs. Since her demise we have had the double glazing redone with small windows at the top. Fabulous new cat and open windows we thought....wrong.

To my utter shock and horror Humphrey rather fancies balancing on the upper ledge of the's at least an inch wide and as you know he's no small feline. The first time he launched himself at the open window I just caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye. Instinct kicked in and I managed to grab him just in time...I was shaking like a leaf afterwards. He tried his party trick on TYM too and honestly I've never heard such a string of expletives so creatively strung together. Again he managed to escape with his nine lives intact, but from then on the windows have had to stay locked open only a fraction. Not much fun in the hotter weather!

We now have three of these contraptions [they'll be painted white] which can be fixed across the upper windows upstairs. If the little monster tries again he'll just lightly bump his noggin, but more importantly he'll stay safely indoors [he's got a cat flap so can come and go as he pleases] when he's upstairs.

Honestly you couldn't make it up!



  1. We have a cat that slips through the slenderest of gaps and causes alarm and concern as she saunters along the terraced row rooves...... my son has a roof light window and it too now sports a natty device to keep said cat INSIDE the room. She has a cat flap....

  2. So glad it's not just me with the cats and windows. I love my windows wide open but can't because of the reasons you write about. Tom has made metal clips that fix on the nobbles of the windows allowing the windows to open just about 3" and not allowing the menace's to get out. Like you there is a cat flap and the back door is open most times but I know they would prefer to do circus acts if allowed. lol

    1. It seems like cats and windows are a bad combo!


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