Wednesday 18 December 2019

Art within nature.

"Everyday I walk out into the world to be dazzled, then to be reflective."
Mary Oliver

I suggested our nature reserve as the meetup point with my friend Ice Badger last Sunday quite deliberately. Both of us live nearby and it's very cheap entry wise [perhaps if I remember to renew our annual pass I might increase the frequency of my visits].  We have shared interests in watching birds [more on the woodland feeders because we recognise them!] and walking where we can appreciate the beauty of the countryside.  IB has spent this year walking the same route along by a canal towpath [I joined her a few months ago] several times a month and people have questioned why she's chosen to do that rather than visiting lots of different places. I completely understood why..being so familiar with it she has come to appreciate the details of the different seasons and how the area is ever changing.

This new sculpture is by a local artist called Will Nash and is called Tri-helix. It's made from cleaved chestnut and is the shape apparently of a diatom. What's that you might wonder? The info board tells me it's a tiny single celled algae. Obviously the first thing that popped into my philistine head was....giant pick-up sticks. I find the regularity of the pattern it makes very calming. The heads have been flattened so they're not as lethal as they look and it is accompanied by a strict no climbing notice!

Personally though I'm equally impressed with this au naturel art display we found on the woodland floor. Mother Nature knows a thing or two about beauty too! I have IB to thank for taking this photo for was beyond the capabilities of my little camera.


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  1. IB's photo is a miniature masterpiece of design, like a worn Oriental carpet whose colors and patterns change with the light in a room.
    I share your appreciation of viewing a familiar landscape through the seasons. For years, I chose to take my holidays at the old French Lick Resort rather than travel abroad. It was only hours -- but worlds -- away.


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