Wednesday 4 December 2019


The sensible side of my brain says that people will want to see Christmas related material in December...the silly side of my brain says people really won't mind if you show them unseasonable pictures of a modern twist on the traditional corn dolly in December. Can you tell which side of my brain won😉

The Weald and Downland museum is currently running a fascinating exhibition all about the folklore of the harvest. We arrived early on Sunday to give me time to go and take a look before we performed. There were some amazing examples of more familiar corn dollies, but these ones captured my imagination. I truly never expected to see a chain saw made from corn! They are the work of Matthew Rowe.

This fellow is a harvest devil which is supposed to look like sheaves of corn that have mischievously come to life.

I will put out a few more appropriately themed posts as we get further into the month...well that's the intention anyway. You know me though chaps anything might catch my eye in the meantime and goodness only knows what paths I might meander off on!



  1. Keep meandering ... it's much more fun!

  2. There are some amazing mathematical minds (and dexterous hands) at work here! Have never understood the dismissive tone in saying, "It's basket weaving."

    1. The work I saw was just so incredible intricate. I'm in awe.


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