Friday 20 December 2019

Christmas from a child's perspective.

When we reached the end of the first term of school inevitably the question of what to buy the class teacher for Christmas arose.  Scented candle perhaps or a box of chocolates maybe? My then rather truculent four year old son dug his heels in and insisted we bought a couple of big packets of crisps for her. Any other suggestions fell on deaf ears so crisps it was. I was a little bit embarrassed when I handed Mrs S her gift, but later on in the day she thanked TYM for choosing something different and me for buying something that her whole family enjoyed,

This year our council ran a competition for a Christmas light design. It was won by 6 year old John with his Tree Rex. Much more exciting than the usual festive offering. Here we have the original and the lit up version!

Have a good weekend chaps!


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