Monday, 30 December 2019

Christmas Clobber

I never go looking for clothes they just seem to "find" me. Most of the time I don't see anything that catches my eye so on the odd occasion I do I go with the flow....that's the beauty of buying via the charity shop route. I hadn't meant to buy a new cardigan [hard to believe I know when you're a proud knitwear addict], but this jumped out along with the toning long sleeved heather coloured t shirt [too dull to show!]

It's been debuted over the festive season.



  1. Love the collar - gorgeous colours.
    You're right about clothes finding us. I never actively look for anything, things just chuck themselves at me when I go into a charity shop. Today I came back with an embroidered suede waistcoat still with the Zara price tags attached - a nice little addition to my growing collection of folksy waistcoats. xxx

    1. How fabulous Vix. I look forward to seeing you wear it!

  2. The collar is just gorgeous, so glad it attracted itself to you. I haven't been charity shopping for a few weeks, looking forward to getting back to it.


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