Sunday 22 December 2019

Midwinter 2019

My apologies for I am late in wishing everyone a fabulous Yule. The light is returning and Spring will soon start stirring [I know it can be extremely challenging to believe this during the sometimes long and hard days of January and February]. I had the absolute pleasure of dancing the Holly and Oak King story within Stonehenge yesterday and despite the rain at some points, we were told afterwards by some of the Druids that a rainbow came out during our performance. Afraid I missed it...something to do with wearing a mask and concentrating like fury so I didn't make a cock up!! Anyway I hope you enjoy this little film called "The Longest Night"  by Angie Pickman.



  1. How amazing to be allowed into Stonehenge. Something wonderful to see I should think.
    Enjoy the extra seconds of daylight - just hope it stops raining soon


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