Tuesday 31 December 2019

Having a ball!

It's 1750 and the Lady of the House has decided to bring the Christmas season to a close by throwing a masked ball. Did you receive your invitation?

Carriages are to arrive at 8 and you will be met by the footman who will take you through to the reception area where there will be a glass of the finest champagne awaiting you.

Some of the gentlemen are already seated around the gaming table and the cards have been dealt. Which one will win I wonder?

Beyond the door the ladies are seated round the fire quietly exchanging the news of the day. They have spend many hours carefully choosing which of their beautiful dresses they will wear. Look at their ornate hair.

Some of the earlier arriving guests have already made it to the ballroom and are excitedly awaiting for the dancing to begin. Shortly they will don their masks and the real frivolity will begin.

For one little boy though the excitement has proved too much and he has sneaked down the stairs to see what is happening. I think it won't be long before the governess takes Lady Fetherstonhaugh's son in hand and shoos him back to his bedchamber. This is not an evening for young prying eyes!

This wonderful diorama is the work of a lady called Delicarta whose mission is to "bring paper to life". Yes you read that read all the clothing on the models and the detailing on the hair is sculpted from paper. Quite extraordinary. This is her current piece which is on show in Uppark House. The property is what's known as a 1000 hours house which basically means they can only allow natural daylight in for that long per year to stop light damage. To create the atmosphere of the ball all the curtains were closed and with no flash photography allowed we experienced the event in similar conditions as the original party goers would have! If you like the artist's work there are more photos on her blog https://delicarta.wordpress.com/blog/

A Happy New Year's Eve to one and all. As ever we're going to enjoy the delights of GBT and perhaps imbibe a glass or two of something delicious!



  1. How simply amazing is that?! Have a wonderful new year Aril x

  2. A Happy New Years Eve to you and your family Aril, may the next year bring you many visits to different places. x

  3. Happy New Year to you and your Family!.And thank you for your posts,which I love reading.By the way,your new to u cardigan is beautiful and we could have made the sleeves longer if I had been there by having a tug of war over it,lol.Hope that you all have a great evening!,xx

  4. "1000 hours house" is a new term for me, Aril. Shall share it with my fellow voluteers at the local museum -- where we wear light sensitive beaded bracelets that alert us to potential light damage.

    A Happy New Year to you and your loved ones at GBT!

  5. I would imagine that I am not the only one who read that and thought "Paper?" and had to scroll back to look at the pictures again. Amazing!

  6. Thank you for all your good wishes. Hope you have a peaceful and beautiful eveningx Arilx

  7. Amazing work. Must have taken ages. Happy New Year.

    1. I should think it must have taken quite a while. Her work is so intricate. Happy New Year Gwen. Arilx


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