Friday 19 June 2020

Essex Humour

Even though I am a girl who hails from Chelmsford, I can honestly say I have never watched "The Only Way is Essex" or TOWIE as it's more normally known as these days. Despite this I have become familiar with certain characters from the show who have become famous and joined the celebrity treadmill of dubious stardom when they have popped up on other light entertainment programmes. One chap is Joey Essex who regularly uses the word "reem" which Google tells me means brilliant.  When I saw this van parked up near us the other evening I cackled wildly with glee.....

I love how this scaffolding firm have taken the TOWIE brand and reinterpreted it for their own cheeky means. Sadly I have neither need of any scaffolders nor any type of reem erection at this point in my life😈



  1. Oh this is brilliant, it would have made me titter, lol

  2. You should make a note of his telephone number; you never know when you might, indeed, be in need of a Reem erection. Lol, lol.


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