Thursday 18 June 2020

On the doorstep

As my world has become smaller, I have begun to notice the smaller details within my familiar surroundings. I would imagine [what I'm saying is actually I don't know!] that many of these tiled doorsteps into the shops have some age to them. Often they are the only physical remaining evidence of the businesses that once traded from the premises. Some of them might have seen better days, but they remain eyecatching little pieces of marketing which are easy to miss and I'd personally love to see them brought back.

This one is from a nearby village shop in Warnham. Frederick Freeman took it over in 1875.

Whereas this one denotes the "mission statement" [how I loathe that cheap phrase] of the Horsham business who were based in the building at the time.Thomas Richardson & Co [est 1843] were wholesale producesr of jams, biscuits and sweets. They made all sorts of naughty goodies like Horsham Rock and Sussex Bricks. 

Yet another unexpected potential source of local history to explore!



  1. Perhaps because kids are closer to the floor -- and required to stand quietly while the adults transact business -- I do have very clear childhood memories of the tiled floors in the lobbies of two medical offices and a specialty nut shop. (Their hot salted giant cashews definitely qualified for your classification of "naughty goodies"!)

  2. We're lucky enough to have a tiled entrance to our house, probably similar to the bottom two photos in size. A lovely decorative and ornate scrolling Victorian pattern - sadly not seen nearly enough as we tend to use our back door far more often.


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