Not coming up roses!

As promised....a few non rose related shots from around the ever beautiful Nymans. Ironically due to work commitments during the week and us being all over the place with Mythago at this time of year we never normally visit over the summer. We have obviously been missing a treat!

This highly unusual seat was made in 2004 by Alex Oakley and has the initials of  A R for Anne Rosse nee Messel on the back who lived at Nymans. It was put there in her memory by her sons and family and to mark the 50th anniversary of the estate being given to the NT. It overlooks the stone dovecot.



  1. What a treat these photos are! I remember Nymans being on the Antique Roadshow and being most enamoured by it. xxx

    1. It's fantastic whatever the season. Arilx

  2. The dovecote is gorgeous! What a pretty place this is. I googled Mythago but only found a book series but I'm guessing this is a Morris-y thing?

    1. If you google Mythago Morris you'll find us. The name came from the book. Arilx


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