Jamming 2020 Style

Take one of these

Add in one of these

And chuck in a tambourine for good measure and what do you have? What you have is me, Mr GBT and our lovely neighbour L playing folk music in our back garden last night. This started as a tune for the Thursday "Clap for the frontline workers" with L playing a song on her ukelele. After a couple of weeks Mr GBT spoke to her and she started to put the music with the chords marked on for the next week through our door. Mr GBT would practise and then accompany her and over the weeks they've got to know each other. With last Thursday being the final clap it seemed such a shame to let it all stop having only just got to know some of our neighbours. Whilst observing social distancing the three of us spent a lovely hour playing some traditional folk tunes [well I wasn't playing....just jingling the tambourine] and we are going to repeat it same time next week, but in L's garden. We've only lived across the road from each other since 1996! [Images from Pixabay]



  1. Getting to know your neighbours is one of the best things to come out of the lockdown isn't it. xx

    1. Yes. Forging new relationships has been great. Arilx

  2. Strange times Aril, and stranger still that it has taken this some 24 years on from living near each other to get acquainted! x

    1. You can't see their house from ours and as we all said everyone just gets in their cars and goes off all the time. Arilx


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