Wednesday 24 June 2020

The library steps.

I've been hankering after having a set of miniature library steps for some time now, but Mr GBT is fortunate to have many orders that keep him busy and out of mischief. However, his favourite part of his job is the designing and making of new pieces, so he makes the time once a year to do something different. My role is to choose what I would like [I know tough call, but hey somebody's got to do it] and then research it. Once I've found photos he's then able to ascertain whether he will actually be able to make it in twelfth scale.

There are already some lovely examples of the ladder style steps and the metamorphic chair/steps made by other makers....being an awkward mare this was what caught my eye instead. I could only find the single full size version....looking at it we reckon that the steps were so narrow you'd have probably been at risk of falling off them and hurting yourself. Perhaps that's why this variation didn't catch on!

Mr GBT has used his time well during lockdown!



  1. We used to make dolls house furniture so really appreciate the work that has gone into this, I love it.

  2. Thank you. I am a very lucky's now in my dollshouse library. Arilx

  3. Wow that is wonderful

    Julie xxxxxxxx


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