Tuesday 20 October 2020

Fancy Free

 I'm a fan of the Fancy Free walks site. We have done a handful of them this year and it's brought forward new corners of my locality that I simply don't know, The best part is that new ones are being added on a regular basis and the details for all of them are kept up to date. They provide the perfect antidote to a working week when we find ourselves with a quiet day at the weekend and the weather is dry. Just pick one and go. This one is around nearby Friday Street.

The starting point was from the now sadly closed village pub. This was once one of Oliver Read's drinking holes. Nature is rapidly reclaiming it, but as is oft the way of the world round here it's earmarked for demolition and new housing.

Thankfully the second pub we came to is still vibrant and viable. The MG club is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year and some of the members had brought along their beloved cars for a meet up in the carpark. 

They weren't the only vintage vehicles we encountered on our way round. This beautifully restored Fordson Thames Flatbed Truck dates from the 1940s. It looked a little incongruous stuck next to a muddy tractor.

With a rather lovely shaggy parasol mushroom to finish for 'tis indeed 'shroom season๐Ÿ„

It might have been a tad on the overcast side today, but still a pleasure to walk the woods and enjoy the great outdoors.



  1. There are two contrasts there. The sad pub which will contain many years of happy memories, neglected and being swallowed up by nature, and the old cars lovingly restored and admired. It's a pity the pub can't be saved.

    1. Unfortunately many pubs have gone that way round here. The pub where the cars was is doing very well, but it's always adapted to the times. Arilx

  2. It is surprising what might be in our own back yards. I know my boots and warm coat will be my friend this winter as I cannot sty cooped up-I plan to find as many new to me places to walk as possible. I wish we had a site like you have but I guess my research will be part of the fun.

    1. It's amazing what you can find once you start looking. I am aiming to be out far more this winter than in previous years. Am determined to do whatever makes me happy and keeps me balanced in these topsy turvey times. Arilx

  3. It doesn't take long for nature to step in and take back what is hers.



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