Friday 23 October 2020


It was the beautiful tones in this ewe's fleece that caught my eye recently. The ram in the field had a very impressive set of curly horns, but I was guessing that he wasn't delighted by our presence if the deathstare he gave us was anything to go by as we went past. Perhaps some clever person could let me know what breed this particular ovine is please?

Have a great weekend!



  1. I suspect your steely-eyed ram is a Soay. A primitve sheep breed from Orkney islands way. I Have a friend who has rare breeds sheep and one of her flocks is a collection of these wary creatures. Have a good weekend x

  2. That gorgeous coloured fleece just makes me want to cuddle it... probably not a great idea.

  3. Farmers daughter I may be...but that's a Cute breed of sheep...possibly a Jacob...but if not, just Cute! x

  4. Might be a Soay bouncing about in her family tree...? We've mostly Suffolk raised for show here in the American Midwest; however, the crafty folk that keep flocks for wool seem to have long-legged mutts after a decade or two of the Darwin effect (heat and coyotes).

  5. I think he's a Soay, an ancestor of the Mediterranean Mouflon, which is one of my favourite words ever! x

  6. Soay it probably is then! Many thanks as ever all you lovely peoples! Arilx



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