Wednesday 21 October 2020

Butting in.

Not the most gripping delivery that has ever been received here at GBT, but a "practical" [or dull as my younger self would have said] one nevertheless. After several weeks of traipsing back and forth from the back garden to water the veggie planter out the front I suggested to Mr GBT that it might be easier for us to have another water butt out there instead and then we could harvest more rainwater from the roof.  Somehow one morphed into two, but am pleased to find that these ones from BeGreen are made of 100% recycled plastic.

With being on a water meter this should hopefully keep our consumption down. You have to work hard to maintain a gnat bottomed reputation so we've decided to use any water in them to flush the toilet over the winter months. I like to make our purchases work hard for us😁



  1. We had bought my father in law a rain barrel 10-15 years ago for the lake thinking it would be perfect for watering my MIL's garden on the opposite side as the lake, or when they wanted o put more seed down. He never got the appeal. It is still sitting there. We really should get it for our own use.

  2. Quite pleased with myself that I knew the British term, water butt! But I'll admit it's because another British YouTube creator, Atomic Shrimp, posted a series of programs about life in jars of water taken from a pond -- and a water butt in his garden. (There's lots of life in those butts!)

  3. Very interesting. Our greenhouse will collect runoff from that garage roof into a water barrel inside the greenhouse. We have a solar heater idea to keep the water from freezing. We are also hoping it will provide ambient heat. We are excited about our little experiment.

  4. A butt to flush butt waste...very apt!! x


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