Wednesday 7 October 2020


Well we've certainly had some longed for rain these past few days haven't we. The local duck pond had completely dried up over the summer, but it's now reached about half full again thankfully. We might curse getting wet sometimes, but it does make foliage look very beautiful after a shower. I just have a few images from my birthday to offer today. Sometimes explanations aren't needed.

Tonight we are having our first Mythago practice. As you might imagine and rightly so there are lots of new rules we have to follow to keep everyone safe, but the government has confirmed to the Morris governing bodies that we can dance so long as we adhere to them. Much as I would like it to be like it normally is frankly I'll happily take it in any form these days. We've had many false starts, but maybe just maybe [she whispers not wanting to tempt fate] this might be the first tentative step back!



  1. Rain showers and dancing again- good for you.

  2. That's great you have been able to dance!


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