Tuesday 9 February 2021

Nymans- the architectural details

With less to distract me in the garden borders at Nymans this time I was able to pay more attention to many of the architectural details that I had missed before. The house looks like its been dropped in from the Cotswolds and that it should be at least 500 years old. However, appearances can be deceiving and it only dates from the 1920s. It was such a convincing copy though that it fooled lots of people! Sadly it suffered a devastating fire on 19th February 1947 and the majority of the property was left as a majestically beautiful ruin. Part of the house was restored and the last owner Anne Messel and her husband Leonard lived there until his death in 1953 when it was given to the National Trust.

I have been unashamedly twonking about with the soft focus in this shot!!

Oriel window.

There is the most fabulous attention to detail on the drain hopper and the pipe brackets.

There's all sorts of characters glowering down at you from high.

The dovecote. The ground floor was turned into an art studio. It seems to house little other than a wooden dove these days, but is very pretty when it's covered in honeysuckle in the warmer months. I loved finding out that the original key had been lost at some point in time and was dug up by one of the gardeners a couple of years ago. It's now been conserved.

And to wind it all up just a couple of miscellaneous ones. 

It looks pretty likely that we'll manage another trip over next month when hopefully all the bulbs will be in full bloom.



  1. What a wonderful house, thank you for sharing all those photos

    1. Normally you can look at the rooms inside too which are charming and there are plans to make the ruined bit safe so visitors can go round them. Arilx

  2. You are a good photographer and captured the feel of the house. I'm imagining livingvin avplace that is part renovated and part ruined.

    1. The part that was restored is still quite substantial. It must have taken some adjusting to after the fire Arilx

  3. Replies
    1. I am guilty of several posts from Nymans [they'll come up in the search], but I never tire of it and the National Trust are really good at coming up with innovative ideas for displays and themed trails. Arilx


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