Wednesday 17 February 2021

The nineteenth hole.

 E and I may not have played a round of golf at the weekend, but I can gleefully reveal that we kept up the tradition of the 19th hole [I only found out about this euphemism very recently and have been dying to find an excuse to weave it into a post at some point!]. Whilst we didn't go in the clubhouse bar, we did manage to squeeze a trip in to a local micro brewery on our walk round.

Until 20 years ago our town had a biggish sized brewery, but then the familiar was taken over by one of the bigger boys and the whole operation was moved elsewhere. It seemed that Horsham's brewing history was at an end, but out of the fire the phoenix rose again and several successful microbreweries have followed on in its wake. Local beer festivals are now ticketed events and sell out rapidly so there's a real passion for beer in the district. Nobody knew how these small businesses would fare when it all had to shut down last year, but the outcome has been healthy. They have adapted and taken different steps to survive....being able to order beer for my Dad's birthday was brilliant and now many of them offer their brews on a click and collect basis. However, that's not why we found ourselves here.....our motivation was somewhat different.

The Kissingate brewery has been going since 2010 and over the past few months they've added a takeaway service for homemade cake and hot drinks. Can you imagine my joy when I saw that bell with the pincers that you can ring for service?😁

As regards the beer as you can see from the designs [all done by the couple who set it up] they do a fabulous range and quite frankly it would have been rude not to leave with out purchasing a few bottles. After much umming and aahing [The Undertaker Varnish one was very tempting] I plumped for the Six Crows one for me and something else for both of the chaps.

Afraid that the beer might go off I felt it necessary to ensure that mine was was consumed that evening as we settled down to watch the latest of the Harry Potter films that we've been working our way through. Delicious it was too.



  1. I'm glad you did your duty and supported the local economy. I'm not sure though that it's a fair trial if you only try them once. I think you ought to try them at least once more just in case the batches are not consistent.

    1. I am definitely up for some more quality control!! Arilx

  2. I am glad that the beer did not turn. Better safe than sorry.

    1. It was lovely and I look forwards to trying some more of their brews. Arilx



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