Thursday 8 April 2021

Easter Monday

 I've been in a FB walking group for a few months's mainly down to my friend J being a moderator on it and inviting me. Occasionally I've posted a comment, but mainly I've just quietly sat on the sidelines enjoying the photos others have taken and noted anywhere that might be of interest for a future walk. It was J's first group walk she'd organised on Monday and so I joined for a jaunt round our local woods and in doing so met a really friendly group of people. Not much to "see" as such, but good company and every weather from sunshine through to rain and a few flakes of snow.

I know that this American Skunk Cabbage is an invasive species, but I have to say its architectural form is very pleasing on the eye. It's a bit like a grander version of our Lords and Ladies.

The trees are covered in buds now and there are bluebell leaves sprouting forth on the forest just a few short weeks there will be an explosion of growth and colour. I can hardly wait!

Uneven bridges and wobbly stiles were definitely the order of the day. I really half expected this one to start moving like the bridge in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Thankfully it was surprisingly sturdy!

Don't ask me why....the colours on the sign simply appealed to me and who wouldn't like their school days to have begun with a bright and cheerful welcome such as this. I know I would have done!

Just a lovely few hours. Not quite sure when I might do another one, but hopefully not in the too dim and distant future and who knows maybe even somewhere completely new. Am so looking forward to being able to explore a bit further afield once again.



  1. An invasive species that I'd not heard of before - looks pretty but deadly!
    The wind here in the East has been so cold the last few days that walking or cycling have been ruled out

  2. It looks like you had a really nice walk. I too am looking forward to going a bit further afield. I love the moss on the sign, it looks really rustic and natural.

  3. Here we call your Lords and Ladies 'Jack in the Pulpit'. They are pretty plants.


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