Friday 2 April 2021

When coming home from work...

 It's a great pleasure to be able to stop off to take photos of one of my local post boxes that someone has put a great deal of effort into yarnbombing this week. I really appreciate what they've done and am sure it will bring a smile to many faces. 

One of the plusses of the last year [I know there aren't many] is that people round here have got in the habit of putting stuff outside their houses that you can help yourself to. In my GBT world there's nowt better than free [and yes I ensure I give away lots too to pay the kindness forward] and I just can't resist a quick peek. In my case it's mainly books that come back with me that I then pass on via my book exchange, but going back to the car this called to me. Quite weird really as I'm not a Disney kinda gal, but I did love those cups in "Beauty and the Beast" and we've smashed a couple of mugs recently. I nearly didn't bring it home with me as I noticed it had a big chip out of it, but upon closer inspection I discovered that it was part of the design. Makes sense now I know the character was called Chip!!

Enough of my waffles. Do hope you all a fabulous Easter. I have a few plans up my sleeve. If you have an interest in the UK megaliths etc this film might be of interest.  



  1. Replies
    1. It's a lovely thing to do. I know who has done it, but she wants to remain anonymous. Arilx

  2. I'm a Beauty and the Beast fam-first movie I took my older daughter to, and little Chip was adorable. He was a good take home find.

    1. I remember seeing it years ago when it came out and loving it. Arilx

  3. I LOVE the post box cosy! So clever!
    The chip mug is so cute- they were really collectible a couple of years ago- you did well!


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