Wednesday 21 April 2021

On Familiar Ground

 The wonderful thing about visiting Nymans is that although it's very familiar to me it is never the same, so without further ado sights from around the garden and woodlands with accompanying notes as needed. Most of the time the images are self explanatory and speak for themselves.

Five star bee hotel.....only at the National Trust😁

Whilst I know a standard Grape Hyacinth when I see one this "Touch of Snow" was a new one to me.

This one too I have seen in a yellow form, but didn't know its name...a bit of googling tells me it's a Fritillaria. They're very exotic looking and tower above everything growing alongside them.

Having had a week of more clement weather Nymans was a little more obliging on the blossom front that Winkworth was the week before. I did catch a glimpse of my first ever bee fly, but it wasn't hanging around long enough for me to get a photo.

Lots of the visitors never make it to the woods, but it makes a welcome contrast to the more formal gardens.  They are quite hilly in places and at the top of the ridge runs an old Medieval trackway. There are also lots of remains of the different activities that have gone on here in times past. The hammer pond is from the traditional Wealden iron industry. 

A wonky old hurdle, hand made latches on an old door and another of the carved benches I always enjoy. This one is possibly the work of David Lucas.

Whether we make it across again this season now that we have options open to us remains to be seen, but, I, for one, have been immensely grateful to have this on our doorstep. It's given us a legitimate reason to go out and a much needed boost to our spirits during the cold months of the year.


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