Thursday 1 April 2021

Equus Unicornis

 I was intrigued to hear of a very unexpected find under the steps of the Natural History museum that came to light following recent renovations. I have heard of mummified cats and other creatures being deliberately concealed to ward off evil spirits, but this one was a completely new one to me and it's certainly got a lot of experts in the field scratching their heads. 

This time it was a complete  horse skull [no body] yet extraordinarily it had a narwhal type tusk attached to its forehead. It will come as no surprise that nothing of this ilk has been found before and thus it's been regarded as an elaborate hoax. However, despite it undergoing rigorous tests nobody has, as yet, been able to find out just how it's been achieved. Until it can be conclusively proven that it is indeed a fake it has been temporarily given the classification of equus unicornis. The only definite is that it couldn't have been placed in the ground until the 1870s when the building was first put up. Sadly due to copyright I can't share a photo of it with you [it'll come up if you google it] so please forgive me for leaving you with this obviously makebelieve unicorn from good old Pixabay. 

Whilst research is still ongoing a little part of me still kind of hopes that they can't solve the mystery...we could all do with a little shot of escapism in our lives now and again!!



  1. Good one;) Tops the Stonehenge circle being moved nearer to the visitor centre, so that tourists don't have to walk that far.

  2. Yep, I would have believed you! I am so gullible!


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