Thursday 10 February 2022

Clearing the old noggin.

Testing negative still and being positive with no work this week, I've been out for a quiet amble round the back streets near here. Lots of new things to see and with the aim of clearing the old noggin it's worked its magic.

This beautiful Art Nouveau inspired design forms part of the sign for the cemetery which lies behind where we live. I have no idea how the iridescent effect is achieved on the metal, but it's like the colours you get with oil on water.

This one's been included because it seemed at odds with the pub it was delivering might think that our local boozer is a posh'd be wrong. The pool table and sports channel are its main attractions and usually its full of builders enjoying a pint after work. I am curious to know who is quaffing the champers!

I have a little girl to thank for this...she was mermaid spotting with her granny. Part of a mosaic made by the local school children.

The local WI has been busy once again.....

Couldn't help but think how vibrant this small front garden looked on a cloudy February quite liking the painted fircone toppers.

When TYM got his first degree during the original lockdown this was where we bought our takeaway to celebrate [options were severely limited at that point in time]. We appreciated it in a way I've never done before as it was such a treat. For many years this building was a grocers, but it started out life as the Salvation Army Hostel. It still has the baths in the basement which were used to delouse the residents.

How about this one then...I know I've shown her before, but she's now sporting a pair of earrings. She's near a school and very popular with the little ones.

Unbeknownst to me the theme for today is vintage vehicles and related advertising. The bike was in the window of a small local garage, the signs on a garage door and the gorgeous old car parked in a side street. I'm afraid I don't know what type it is, but I shall update if I find out.

Thank you for all your kindness in your comments. My aim is to always try and keep this blog a happy place [as much for me aswell as anyone reading]. I'm not one for a pity party, but occasionally real life intrudesxx



  1. It's always lovely to see a new post from you Those lovely irridescent flowers looks as though they have been heated with a blow torch. That would cause the metal to look like that.

    1. Thank you so much Cherie. That's such a kind thing to say and I often am wracked with self doubt. Now you mention it I think I might have seen the blacksmiths using a blowtorch like that on TV.Arilx


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