Monday 7 February 2022



TYM was required to go back to work in the office in London last week. On Saturday we were enroute to our friends for lunch when the phone rang. "Turn round" said TYM "I've just tested positive." In all honesty we've been expecting this for months and although his Dad and I are still testing negative ,I have cancelled all work for this coming week [bit of a bummer when you're self employed, but there we go] as I would prefer to not pass it on to some of my very vulnerable clients. However, every cloud has a silver lining and Humphrey thinks that this is splendid news. From his perspective there will be more laps available to avail himself of and more staff to pointlessly open and close doors for him. Presently TYM only has mild symptoms and so today he will be back to working from home again....I, meanwhile, shall take the opportunity to indulge my Olympics habit and take advantage of his Prime Membership to check out some of their content.



  1. Tell Humphrey that cats can catch it too apparently. You humans might be spreading a monster that could wipe us all out. Trust you all stay well and TYM recovers quickly.

  2. I hope TYM gets through it as well as everyone else I know, barely a sniffle between thenm.
    SHumphrey looks very comfy, he could get soon used to his slaves being at home! xxx

  3. It is amazing how cats can see a human ailment as a choice happening! A few years ago we had a spate of teenage flu working its way through the household when first the youngest then the eldest succumbed to its 'charms' the cats were delighted (me not so much...) how can a poorly teen make such a mess of a house when they can barely move from either their bed or the settee??!

  4. I have 2 felines who consider me to be their personal servant whenever I am home! x

  5. I am sorry to hear this, but hope that your son remains only mildly affected, and that you and your husband remain covid free.


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