Tuesday 15 February 2022

Winter Wonderland

Nymans has become rather a local sanctuary and balm for the soul at times of stress or when I've found myself emerging from the various lockdown scenarios we've found ourselves in over the last two years. Never have I been so grateful for my Trust membership. We nipped out on Friday afternoon for an hour to give Mr GBT a break from work and a quick change of scene. It felt like I had fallen down that rabbit hole with Alice and been transported into Wonderland.....🍄

It was the opening day of the new light show called "Ignite". Back in the dark days of November I thought this would be an excellent treat to look forwards to having in February so took the plunge and booked...having seen this during the daytime it should be amazing in the dark.



  1. A balm is a great description. Animals, plants, trees have that calming effect.

  2. Wow. A real garden of wonders! I think Alice would be right at home there.

  3. That park is amazing!!!!! Is that grape vine, do you know?

    1. I'm not sure which photo you mean I'm afraid. There aren't any grape vines, but there is a 100 year old wisteria which isn't shown. Arilx



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